About us

<b>About us.</b>

About us.

The mission of «JSP Oils» LLC - to revive the production of high-quality essential oils in Georgia to its former level, drawing on accumulated experience and using modern production methods.

Production of the company «JSP Oils» LLC is located in western Georgia - a subtropical and environmentally friendly zone. In Georgia are presented 11 of 12 natural climatic zones, which allows to produce a wide range of essential oils.
After the collapse of the USSR, Georgia's agriculture has declined and is experiencing hard times now. However, according to information from open sources, in 1990, 100 thousand tons of essential oils were produced in Georgia.

Our production.

  • In the production of essential oils, our company uses the method of steam distillation. The resulting products pass through several levels of quality control, including research at leading research centers. A chromatogram is issued for each type of product.
  • At the moment we produce essential oils: Laurel noble, Mimosa, Canadian Goldenrod, Basil eugenol, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Curly, Tarragon, Dill.
  • At the request of the client, we are always ready to consider the possibility of expanding the range of products.

We work for you.

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